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  • Product Name: QNF450 Horizontal packaging machine
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  • Addtime: 2012-07-05
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QNF450 Horizontal packaging machine
Main technical data:
Capacity: 50 to 200 packs/minute
Product size limits
Length: 70 to 400mm
Width: 32 to 150mm
Height: 5 to 70mm
Floor space (L x W): 5,150 x 965mm
Power consumption: 3.7kW
Single phase: 220V
Net weight: 1,000kg
Packing material: any heat-melt-cut sealing materials such as paper/PE, OPP/PE, OPP/AL/PE, etc.
l        Adopting double-drive vertical sealing device, makes the vertical sealing stable, firm and neat
l        Function of automatic stop at the fixed position is provided 
l        PLC control makes the system reliable and easy maintenance
l        Frequency control makes the operation easy and simple

Adopting photoelectric sensor to test the eye mark, non-contact point control, two-way tracking