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  • Product Name: QNS450 Servo control packaging machine
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  • Addtime: 2012-07-05
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QNS450 Servo Control Packaging Machine
This machine is suitable for automatic packaging of instant noodles, biscuits, ice cream bar, snack, medicine, soaps, tissues, chocolate, frozen food, adhesive tape, industrial parts, etc.
Main technical data:
Capacity: 50 to 200 packs/minute
Product size limits:
Length: 70 to 400mm, Width: 30 to 150mm, Height: 5 to 88mm
Floor space (L x W x H): 5,400 x 1,020 x 1,710mm
Power consumption: 4.56kW, single phase 220V, 50Hz
Net weight: 1,000kg
Mechanical Features:
1.        Double-drive vertical sealer of automatic open-close structure
2.        Center height of the end sealer can be adjusted to adapt the height of packing items
3.        Feeding position can be adjusted at any time during operation
Electrical Features:
1.      Digital servo motor control system
2.      Operating status can be displayed and parameters can be set through LCD screen
3.      Frequency control, convenient, accurate and reliable
4.      Eye mark can be positioned and tracked automatically
5.      Length of packing bag can be measured and memorized automatically