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The active interaction between China and Japan

Writer:Qinghua liuSource:Marketing Department Date:2013-08-13 10:13:22
Mr.峰村正光 the Nissin China former chairman, is one of the company's founder, has already left the company for many years, but still cares for the development of Nissin China and actively to seek new development opportunities for the development of the company, seek the new technology and cooperation in japan. Recently, for Mr.峰村正光 was advanced in age, can not come to visit Nissin China himself so he dispatched four representatives to Nissin China, and they have meet with our chairman Mr.Xinguo Wang, they show the top of packaging machine industry in Japan and introduces the present status and Prospect of the development of Japanese packaging machine. They visit our factory environment and workshop accompanied our chairman. The Japan representatives appreciated that the improvement of Nissin China's environment and the strength, and meanwhile praised Nissin China for good cultural atmosphere and working environment , they expect to further cooperation with each other. Our company also believes that the cooperation between the two sides will raise the level of technology, seek new development opportunity, further development and expansion of industrial scale has positive effect, and also expressed the high desire for cooperation with each other. The bilateral talks will establish a firm foundation that further the cooperation.

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